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Almost a year

It's been nearly one year sense my last post here. Quite a bit has happened sense. My Surface Pro 4 is now a year old and the battery in my pen is still kicking. Not that I use it a lot... I've made a few purchases. Clip Studio Paint Pro and Affenity Design, two programs for art. A Blue Yetti usb microphone and pop filter. Extra pen nibs, batteries and a smudge guard. A Nokia Lumia 1020 smart phone and ear buds. A micro sd card for my Surface Pro 4 as well as a mini display port adapter. Only other thing I can think of at the moment is a Magpul beanie.

I've begun digital inking my sketches. Right now my strokes aren't very smooth, but I expect that to change in the future. The harder nibs for my pen as well as upping the smoothing has helped quite a bit. My strokes aren't slowed down by the rubber tip and the smoothing helps keep my unsteadyness from showing. The smudge guard didn't make a huge difference. It along with my old glove does however prevent any capacitive touch from getting through. I could live with my fingers being folded under my old glove because even with the glove my fingers rest in that position any ways. However the lack of acidental capacitive touches activating different layers and moving my canvas is a great benefit.

Recently my mother has borrowed from her 401k. She was unable to get the check cashed today, but plans on depositing it into my brother's account and withdrawing it. That should work. We'll be purchasing two new lawn mowers and a few other items. My current mower is around eight years old and looks very run down. It's a pain to get started now and my mother's has a serious steering issue. This will make cutting grass so much more enjoyable.

That's pretty much most of what's new for me. Not sure when I'll give another update.

New place to blog.

I recently came across another place to blog and post sketches. I'll be using that instead of using LiveJournal. I figured I might as well tell no one that actually reads my journal. I do have a Facebook page, but I don't feel like posting other stuff to it other than art junk. Twitter is nice in that I can post NSFW stuff, but I'm limited to 140 characters per post and images take up a huge chunk of that. I also don't care for their policies. PC culture is a cancer and it's one that the affected doesn't even realize untill it's too late. So I stumbled across Minds. I'm not going to be making post challenging the idiocies of certain people though. So it'll just be another place I can use that I have a bit more freedom than others. Being that I don't tell people about this journal or Minds I doubt I'll catch anyone's interest any time soon. heh

I'll keep this journal alive though incase stuff hits the fan or things change. "alive"
and before i forget again, here's the link.

Paint Tool Sai...

After watching some art streams I thought I'd try out the latest version of Sai. Long story short is Paint Tool Sai isn't a valid option for me. The official web sight looks old and nowhere like a professional sight that sells a product. The English is laughable making it seem even shadier. Well once I got past that I quickly downloaded both the update file and full install. Even on this connection. I tried to update the version1.1 that my brother gave me. It worked, but it recognised it as a trail version that had already expired. Took me a bit with trying stuff and going back and forth messing around to see what kind of a joke it is to purchase a lisense. The software itself has no update feature or built in registry process. It's 2016 and they still haven't thought to add in a simple option to register the thing inside the program. Point click enter a password or just select an option. Then once validated after communicating to the server it self installs any needed file...or simply edit a secure file to turn a 0 into a 1. Well it is just a suped up version of MS Paint so I'll give them that one. Aside for the websight and registering process being a joke...It's nowere near being HiDPI aware. I could leave scaling on to get a usable UI, but that leaves the canvas scaled as well. Couldn't I just zoom out to 50% ? Nope, well I could, but it wouldn't look right. Zooming out causes it to resample or something. Well basicaly it's just showing the canvas on a virtual canvas that's lower resolution. Drawing lines of a single pixel wide renders as a blur that's larger than it should be. The brushes and tools are limited at best. Obviosly it's not Photoshop...  Also it's rather dependant on either using shortcuts or a mouse. Using my pen to access menus is all but impossible. Only way to keep the menu open is to hold the pen down. Moving the pen to select an option causes the menu to vanish. Releasing the pen triggers the hold to rightclick function of the pen.

So yeah, Paint Tool Sai is not an option for me. However the stabiliser is nice. While it's a simple selection of strength it's a bit easier to adjust than Krita's. Krita has more options for types of stabilisation though. Clip Studio while not having the options of Krita does have a strength adjustment option. Though only about 5 levels to choose from. One of those levels being the off switch. Until I have the money on my card to buy Clip Studio I'll be waiting on Krita 3.0 to release.

So yeah...

It's been a while sense I purchased my Surface Pro 4. I really enjoy using it, even if most of what I use it for is just browsing the web and playing games. Or other simple pc stuff. I just wish the ssd was bigger. I just added Spiral Knights to it. Even though it's not a big game I did notice I have less than 60 gigs left. On my hdd I have over 500 gigs left. So I'll be purchasing at least one 128 gig micro sd card when I can. I'll be able to store my few Steam programs on that along with a lot of other things freeing up space for other stuff on the ssd. I may just start using my external hdd for storage of stuff like photos and video. Too bad it's not an ssd, the 5200rpm is quite slow even compared to my desktop's hybrid hdd.

Now onto using my tablet for what I bought it for. Drawing. I've actually done a few things already. Wich is far more than what I've done in the previouse ten years... I've found myself only drawing on it after 10pm. Usualy after 12. That's when the downstairs is empty and I can sit in the recliner. That doesn't leave me with much time to draw before I have to put it up and goto bed. Also I don't always get to do that because my brother stays down watching dumb b movies a good bit. I just wish I had another place that I could comfprtably draw without distractions. I won't be able to draw tonight because I have work in the morning. and the next day after that as well.

One thing I have noticed is that I can almost go without using my desktop. Though I don't want to try running Blade and Soul on my tablet just yet. Or install my other steam games. I may wind up getting a wireless adapter so I can hook it to my desktop monitor. That would also allow me to hook it up to a tv. Too bad having a usb port on monitors and tvs aren't standard. I'd be able to power the adapter that way instead of using a wall adapter or taking up my one usb port on my tablet. If I can power it via usb on my desktop without it being turned on I won't have to bother with a wall adapter when using it at my desk.

One more thing added to the to buy list that's been growing recently.

Krita 3.0 preAlpha

Downloaded the second prealpha earlier. I was hopeing that they had already tweaked the UI. So far it still isn''t HiDPI aware. After searching their forums I did at least learn that they are trying to make it aware for the release. I did also come across some helpful information. Apparently to make my eraser work as an eraser I need to select an eraser preset with the eraser itself. That'll come in handy when I'm feeling too lazy to select an eraser with the pen tip. Though after using clipart studio pro to test out the eraser I've decided using the pen tip instead is much easier. If the pen eraser was a rounded tip like my intous pen it would be more natural. Being the eraser on the intiq pen is flat the actual erasing isn't done where the eraser makes contact with the display. Thus making it less natural. With the pen tip I can easily tell and feel where I'll be erasing. After waiting on Krita prealpha to finish downloading and messing with settings and reading forums I didn't have much time left. I toyed with clipart studio pro for a bit. I still want it even though I have to change tools just to have access to all my brushes. Now to spend my remaining time watching youtube.


Didn't get to work today. At least it's pretty much guaranteed next week. Other than that I've been having ideas for some naughty art. I still need to find a style for doing faces though. Mostly eyes give me trouble right now. If I do manage to draw something naughty I'll see about finishing it so I can put it up on Weasel.


I'll be cutting grass tomorrow. Hopefully the rain is done with for now. I'd like the ground to dry up enough so the lawn mowers don't leave muddy trails. If it doesn't rain and it's dry enough the only thing I'll be concerned with is the temperature. Probably only cool enough to warrent wearing my flannel shirt as a jacket. I need a new one. That thing is so ratty one of the cuffs are is about to fall off. Maybe I can find a bigger one when I do grab one. I'll be glad when the grass starts growing fast enough so that I get to work every week.

I need a good job other than cutting grass. Though I don't want it eating all my free time. I can't drive myself and don't own a  car so what I could do would be very limited. Maybe I'll happen across something that I can do from home. maybe...I wish.

and another sketch

I managed to get some sketching done last night. I uploaded it to my art facebook and my twitter. I still don't have enough people following me to get any attention though. Seems the same way on DA, but that's likely to do with me not doing anything for a decade. Anyone who actualy payed attention moved on. I'll eventualy get enough people so that when I post something I get a comment or a like. Not that it's important or anything...

I'd like to do some more sketching tonight, but it seems the only comfortable place for drawing I seem to have atm is downstairs in front of the tv. So that means I'd need for no one to be watching, macking noise, or genarly just being distracting. So I'll have to hope my brother isn't watching svengooly or whatever he calls himself or some dumb old b movie tonight. I also hope my connection gets much better soon so I can listen to IheartRadio while I draw. My own music I have on my PCs is getting rathr old and so is most the stuff I own. I'm not going through my brother's stuff to find something and then spend forever ripping it. Though I should do something like that. I just need to compress them as mp3s to save space. flak files are too big and this ssd is way too small.

I've thought about drawing some anime style stuff. Might be just as difficult or turn out worse so i dunno. It's been so long sense I drew things like I grew up drawing. I'm afraid I can't even remember what I used to draw. Or maybe I'm just blocking it out because I actualy stunk at it really bad back then. lol


I kinda feel like a stalker now. When you don't know many people you'd want to follow/subscribe to you kinda just stick to those at first. Aside from youtube personalities there aren't many people I care much for following. After creating a twitter account so I could watch an old friend I went looking around. Found them and another page of thiers. One was a nsfw page. I'd totaly check that out, but apparently there's a thing on twitter that basicaly lets you turn your page into a members only thing. Likely they made it for patreon supporters or something so meh. I can live without seeing every naughty doodle they post. I found another page of theirs, but it's on facebook. I'd rather not bother with that because my fb account is under a recognizable name. I kinda have this weird sense of guilt when it comes to contacting her. I'm probbly just being socialy retarded, but any ways...

Hope that character limit for twitter post gets increased soon like I've been hearing about. You get 140 I think and images take out a big chunk...It's like they don't want to encourage people with attention spans longer than 10 seconds. I've posted some junk images as well as two SL images. One being full lewd of one of y avatars. Other than that I only have one real follower. Well if you count my sl friend who uses twitter for wareframe tweets then 2. The others are weird random people or bots. Make a first tweet and random people with fake accounts like your tweet...weird

I'll likely be posting more game related stuff there as well as lewd drawings if I ever start.


Mother has been dealing with some dental issues of some kind the past couple of days. That's why I didn't cut grass today. I doubt I'll be cutting tomorrow either, but who knows. Maybe the weather will warm up enough soon and the grass will start growing fast enough for us to need to cut it every week again. In other news I've been waking up earlier. That's good I guess, I just need to start going to bed earlier now.

The other day I tried using the nvidia control panel to set a custom resolution. The goal was to use splashtop to stream my main display to my sp4 at it's native resolution. There are some settings that I didn't bother messing with mostly because i have no idea what does what. I figured sense I can't get windows 10 to fake a second display I'd just do that. The results were slightly disappointing. The display fit my sp4 correctly I think, but it was all glitched out and green. I tried it twice, not sure what i did different the second time, but the results were worse. I had my 27 inch monitor off to keep the verry unsupported resolution from messing with it. I may try it again, but with just qhd 16:9 res instead.